What sets Heritage Oaks Apart


Our family has been in Tucson since the 1950’s. Robert J. Reilly, more commonly known as Bob, was born in Brooklyn and graduated from Columbia Medical School. He eventually made it out to Tucson with his wife Diane Tiffany, who also studied nursing at Columbia. Together, they built a family and Urological Associates of Southern Arizona. They laid the foundation of faith and love in our family that still permeates everything we do.


Heritage Oaks is a family owned and operated business that is focused on cultivating the dignity and celebrating the heritage of each and every guest. We do this through our relentless commitment to excellence in service and promotion of the independence of every guest we serve.

At Heritage Oaks, we do not want people to come and exist with us, or even just live here; we want each guest to thrive, feeling like a part of the family and, at the same time, free to live the way he/she wants.